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Before having your new roof installed, there are many steps that you can take in order to best prepare for the installation. By performing these steps prior to the installation, you can speed up the process and guarantee the best results.

5 things about Metal roof

  1. Perform an Attic Check
    It is important to perform an attic check about once or twice every year. This gives you, the homeowner, the best chance of recognizing potential roof issues and preventing further, more serious damage. In addition, if you do identify any issues and bring in a roof specialist to perform maintenance, these attics checks will also provide necessary information to your roofing specialist. With this information, roof specialists can decide whether a full replacement will be necessary or if it can be fixed with minor repairs. When performing an attic check, you should inspect for proper ventilation and insulation, rodent activity, structural issues, and water leakage or damage. By ensuring your roof is properly ventilated and insulated, you can promote better airflow, reduce moisture, and lower the overall temperature of the home, which alone can prevent roof damage. Rodents, structural issues and water damage can greatly impact the structural integrity of your roof and provides evidence that there is roof damage needing repair, or possibly even replacement.
  2. Select the Right Roof Material
    If it is time to entirely replace your roof, rather than sticking to the same material as your old roof, consider a different roofing option, as the variety of options has increased and improved drastically in the past 20 years, so there is likely a material that is better suited to your needs than your old roof. Some factors to consider when choosing your new roof includes the color, material, style, shape and location of your home, as well as the price, expected lifespan and environmental friendliness of the roofing material. For more information on which roof type might be right for you, check out this blog.
  3. Know What Colors You Want
    It may be difficult to choose a color that complements the color of your home, however, there are a few things to consider that can help with this decision. First, within specific regions across the United States, there are certain colors and color schemes which allow buildings to blend in which the region’s natural tone of light and so are extremely common for homes. For instance, the sunlight in the north tends to be cooler toned, while the sunlight in the south is warmer. So, look for common color combinations in your neighborhood. Second, look at your color options in different light conditions at different times of the day to see how this will impact the appearance of the color. Finally, consider the architectural style and material of your home and which colors are most commonly paired with it. By doing so, you can guarantee that it will compliment your home well. At the end of the day and with all things considered, it is important to choose a color that is suited to your own taste.
  4. Protect Your Home Inside and Out
    Roofing specialists will do their best to protect your home and property by laying down tarps to collect debris and will use magnets to collect nails and other small metal materials. However, there are additional steps that you can take to prevent unnecessary dust spread and damage. Some of these steps include moving your vehicles, moving or protecting outdoor furniture and plants, removing any trees that may hang over your roof to give roofers the best access, and covering windows and doors. The installation process can sometimes cause vibrations within your home, so you may consider taking down paintings and other items hanging on your walls. If you are completely replacing your roof, you might also consider moving or covering items in the attic to prevent damage or exposure to the elements.
  5. Choose the Right Roofing Company
    The right roofing company will not only install your new roof quickly, safely and properly but can provide the right guidance throughout the entire process. As your roofing specialists and installers, Mighty Metal Roofing company can offer advice to choose the right roofing material and color and will go above and beyond to protect your home and your property during installation. By choosing Mighty Metal Roofing, you receive much more than simply a new roof, but our expertise and years of experience to advise you during the installation.


Making the decision to replace your roof is hard enough, so let Mighty Metal Roofing guide you through the process! With our experienced roof specialists, we can help you choose the right material and color for your home, all while providing you with a safe and speedy experience.

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