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Metal roofs are one of the most fire-resistant roofing materials available. They are made of non-combustible materials, such as steel or aluminum, which means that they will not catch fire or burn. Metal roofs are also resistant to heat, so they can help to protect a home from fire damage. In the recent Hawaii fires, there have been several reports of homes with metal roofs that survived the fires unscathed. For example, a home in Lahaina, Maui, with a metal roof was able to withstand the flames of the brush fire that swept through the area. The homeowners believe that the metal roof was a major factor in the home’s survival. Here are some of the uses of fire-resistant metal roofs:
  • Homes in fire-prone areas: Metal roofs are a good choice for homes in areas that are prone to wildfires. They can help to protect homes from fire damage and even prevent them from catching fire altogether.
  • Commercial buildings: Metal roofs are also a good choice for commercial buildings, such as schools, hospitals, and office buildings. They can help to protect these buildings from fire damage and keep occupants safe.
  • Industrial buildings: Metal roofs are also a good choice for industrial buildings, such as warehouses and factories. They can help to protect these buildings from fire damage and prevent production from being interrupted.
According to a study by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), metal roofs are 400% more fire resistant than asphalt shingles. The study also found that metal roofs can help to reduce the risk of fire spread by up to 70%. If you are considering installing a new roof, a fire-resistant metal roof is a good option to consider. They can help to protect your home or business from fire damage and keep you and your loved ones safe. Here are some additional statistics about fire-resistant metal roofs: <ul
    1.Metal roofs can withstand temperatures of up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit.
    2.Metal roofs are also resistant to wind and hail damage.
    3.Metal roofs are typically more energy-efficient than other types of roofs, which can save you money on your energy bills.
    4.Metal roofs are also relatively maintenance-free, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them as often as other types of roofs.
If you are looking for a fire-resistant, durable, and energy-efficient roofing material, a metal roof is a good option to consider.

Fireproof Your Roof!

Metal roofs offer many benefits and are a great investment for your home. Mighty Metal Roofing provides high-quality metal roofing services to the Mid-South region. We strive to give you an experience based on education, honesty, and strong workmanship. No matter what your roofing needs, you can count on us to get the job done right. Please give us a call if we can help in any way. Free roof Estimate Memphis
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