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It’s inevitable – mistakes happen! But we are here to give you advice to help you avoid the most common mistakes you can make when buying a new metal roof. We are Mid-South Metal Roofing experts that provide quality products with professional installations. We use premium metal roofing products with high strength Metal Construction Association (MCA) certified steel that is corrosion resistant! Click here to learn more about us.

In this blog, we will list some of the most common mistakes that you could potentially make when buying a metal roof so that you can have the best experience with the purchasing and installation of your new metal roof.

  1. Choosing a metal roof that does not exceed your needs

    There are many factors, for instance, the environment and the building itself, that will determine the type of metal roof that will work best for you. Metal roofs differ in metal type, thickness, finish, and style. It is important to consider your needs when choosing these features of your roof. For example, if you live near the coast, you will need a metal roof that will be especially resistant to saltwater corrosion.

  2. Buying a roof without consulting a specialist

    While it might seem as though purchasing a metal roof is straightforward, there are many insights that a specialist will be able to provide to you that will greatly enhance your experience with a metal roof and ensure that you get the perfect roof for you.

  3. Purchasing a roof based on price, rather than total price

    You may be tempted to purchase a roof based solely on the price of the roof itself, however, it is important to consider the entire cost of installation. Other factors that will increase the total cost of your new roof can include transportation, labor, taxes, and permits. Consider why it might be cheaper in the first place. All of our estimates reflect total pricing, there are no “hidden” fees.

  4. Choosing a roofer that is not qualified to install metal roofs

    Not all roofers specialize in metal roofs, so it is important to find a roofer that is familiar with the proper techniques and methods for this special installation process. Using a roofer that is not qualified could risk the integrity and lifespan of your metal roof.

  5. Incorrectly measuring for your roof

    It is important that correct measurements are taken, and even retaken, for your roof to get an accurate estimate, otherwise, you could risk either under or overestimating. Underestimating could cause you to reorder supplies, delaying the installation of your roof and wasting both money and materials. Overestimating results in unnecessary corrections, leading to open and rough edges, and potentially rust or other roof failures.

  6. Errors made by manufacturers and installers

    Many mistakes can be made by the manufactures and installers of your metal roof that can be easily avoided. While you as the homeowner may not be able to completely prevent these errors, you can keep your eye out for such mistakes that may compromise the life of your metal roof. These mistakes may include the following:

Leaking, which is often caused by incorrectly installed fasteners or incorrectly sealed flashing and seams. Fasteners can be over-tightened, under-tightened or off-center, all of which can result in roof damage, as well as damage to any valuables held underneath. Additionally, roof panels must be locked together correctly to prevent leaking.

Oil Canning, which is a term used to describe a waviness across flat areas of metal roofing that does not actually impact the effectiveness of the roof. While oil canning is inherent to the nature of metal roofs, this process may be accelerated because of significant stress due to inadequate space for the metal to expand and contract or incorrect placement and installation of fasteners.

Corrosion, which occurs when metal is exposed to water and water-borne pollutants. While metal roofs, in combination with protective coatings, are effective at deterring rust, some factors that may make metal roofs especially vulnerable to rust are improper coating on the underside, coastal environments, and exposed, cut edges.

Scuffing and Scratching, which can usually be fixed with paint or other touch-up tools but could potentially cause major damage to the metal if it is deeper than just the surface level.

Why Mighty Metal Roofing is the Company for You!

Metal roofs are a lifetime investment and that can last up to 40+ years or more with minimal maintenance. However, hiring a professional, trusted roofing company is a must if you want your roof to be installed properly.

That’s why Memphis’ Mighty Metal Roofing is the one to choose. Our company is a locally-owned roofing company with over 25 years of metal roofing experience and a trusted Mid-South Roofing Contractor. We have a A+ rating with the Mid-South BBB. We are the Mid-South’s metal roofing experts. We provide free roof estimates and roof inspections along with a selection of finance options that best fit your budget.

Why wait to get a new metal roof?

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