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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Which means people are beginning to break out their holiday decorations and deck the halls. However, every year there are countless injuries as a result of unsafe decorating. Below are a few tips to help you decorate your home safely and get back to enjoying this holiday season.

6 Steps to Stay Safe While Decking the Halls

 Deck the Roof Safely This Holiday Season

Roof Inspection

Before you can begin decorating your home, it is necessary to check the roof for any missing or damage shingles or tiles, punctures, debris and leaves, or ice-damming. This can be done easily with binoculars on a clear day. This is important to make sure that you do not injure yourself while up on your roof and that your decorations stay secure.

Ladder Safety

Next, choose a ladder that is of appropriate height and provides enough stability. Rather than carrying bulky decorations up the ladder, consider tying it to rope and pulling it up to you to decrees your chance of injury and damage to your home.

Buddy System

While you may be tempted to set up all the decorations on your own, this is an extreme risk to your safety. Grab a friend or a family member to hold the ladder stable for you and send decorations your way. This alone can greatly decrease your chances of injury.

Light Check

Test out your string of lights before setting them up and replace any missing or damaged lights. This lets you avoid the precarious task of replacing bulbs once they are already in place. Choose lights that are intended for outdoor in order to withstand the harsh weather.

Clips and Hooks

With the wide variety of hanging solutions, there is never a reason to nail, screw or staple lights directly to your roof. This creates holes and punctures that can allow in moisture and damage your roof and internal structure. Instead, opt for a clip or a hook. For metal roofs, a great option is a magnetic clip or even magnetic lights. For shingle roofs, plastic hooks and clips are a great alternative.

Safe Removal

At the end of the holiday season, it will be time to remove any decorations put up. But safety is still a priority! So again, choose a buddy to help you out and remove with patience to avoid damaging your roof.


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Deck the Roof Safely This Holiday Season

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