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Did you know? The benefits of having metal roofs are outstanding in terms of durability, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness. They are low in weight and easy to maintain.

However, with time their condition deteriorates if not kept well. Hence, it would be best if you kept them well-maintained. Besides, homeowners need to know a few things to make sure they last long.

This brings us to our topic today, so if you’re interested in reading more about the do’s and don’ts of cleaning your metal roof, you are at the right place. So, let’s get started, shall we?


Clean the roof and install a proper drainage system
You need to have a functioning drainage system or a gutter free from clogs at all times. If there is recurring rain or snowfall in your area and the water gathers on your metal rooftop, chances are it will rust and deteriorate faster than you can imagine.

Ensure whether the roof is clean
Check the edges and other areas in the surrounding area for any scratches, fungus, stains, grease, or dust, mostly post severe storms or rainfall. In case you find that the roof is unclean or dirty, either use a soft sponge or soak a piece of cloth in water to wash it gently. You can use detergents or cleaners to rinse the panels with clean water and touch-up paint to conceal scratched and scraped off areas.

Keep the branches away
Make sure that the tree branches are not too close to the roof. They should be about six feet away- to avoid scratches on your metal roof and prevent debris from clogging your gutter system.
Fall and spring are two seasons in the year when people find it most convenient to clear their roof of all debris and leaves that may have fallen there.


Don’t Use Industrial Solvents
Don’t use industrial solvents or scrubbing powders, as they can potentially damage your roof by collecting the amount of dirt.

Prevent Corrosion
Don’t let any metal or objects come in contact with your roof, which may lead to an unforeseen chemical reaction like corrosion that ruins your metal roofing.

Avoid Walking
Don’t walk on the panels too often. While it won’t damage the roof but still it isn’t meant to be for that purpose.

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