Christmas is the Season of Lights and holiday roof decorations look beautiful. However, every year, there are countless injuries as a result of unsafe decorating. Below are a few holiday decorating Do’s and Don’ts to help you decorate your roof safely and get back to enjoying this holiday season.

Holiday Don’ts

Avoid Using Staples, Screws, or Nails to Hang Lights on Your Roof.
If you care too much about the longevity of your roof, do not dare hang your Christmas lights on your roof with either staples, screws, or nails. These penetrating objects are counter-productive as they can pierce through your roof which can eventually cause leaking, thereby reducing its strength. As a result, hanging Christmas lights on your roof with sharp objects like those mentioned is not an ideal decorating tip.

Don’t Use the Ladder or Climb on the Roof Alone.
The holiday season is accompanied by numerous holiday expenses. You may have to incur some costs while purchasing Christmas decorating items. For such a reason, you need to be careful during the holiday period so that you won’t spend all your savings on medication to heal your injury. Therefore, you have to ensure that someone helps you hold the ladder while you hang the decorating items to your roof.
You don’t have to do it all alone. This is because if you run into any problem while hanging the lights, there will be at least someone that can help you out. Your safety first, then the holiday fun follows. You don’t need to put your life at risk because of the holiday fun. The awe that comes with Christmas lights will be unattractive to you if you spend your holiday with a painful injury.

Avoid Overloading Your Outlet
If you don’t want to expose your family to electric spark during the Christmas holiday, then you don’t overload circuits and outlets. A report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission says that overloaded circuits and outlets cause more than 5,000 residential fires every year. It’s equally important you are careful with the number of lights you use for your holiday display. Don’t overtask your circuit by putting many strands of light on your roof. Creating a beautiful display during the holiday period does not necessarily require blowing your circuit with too many lights.

Holiday Do’s 

Run a Check on Your Electric Decorations before Installation
It’s not a good idea to install your lights and other electric decorations without testing them properly before installation. This attempt may be too dangerous because there are some lights, sockets, plugs, and cords that are not safe for a household. There are always instances of broken bulbs, damaged light sockets, frayed wires, etc.

Therefore, ensure you check the electric items by identifying that they are safe to use. A poor electric item may cause fire or spark. No one wants to spend a whole lot of hours hanging your lights to your roof only to find out after the process that the lights are not working.

Another safety tip is to check properly whether your lights have “UL” labels. If they have this label, it means that your lights are safe to use because they have met the safety requirements of the American National Standards Institute.

Secure a Good Ladder before Installing Your Lights
This may sound too unimportant but it is one of the safety tips that protect you from being hurt during the holiday season. When you climb up a good ladder, you will have the opportunity to maintain balance while installing the electric decorations. Most importantly, ensure that the ladder reaches the top of the roof so that you can hang the lights without many difficulties. And if there is any part of your roof that is difficult to access, you may have to leave the part as a measure to ensure safety.

However, this DIY method is safe only if you’re confident and have little experience concerning roof decoration. If you have no clue about it, it is safer to seek the help of a professional who knows better. Lastly, to reduce exposure to electric currents, it’s a good idea to use a wooden ladder than a metal one when installing your lights and while working on other electric projects.

Use Plastic Clips Instead of Screws, Staples, or Nails While Hanging Your Lights
As discussed above, a penetrating object will not only damage your roof, but also reduce the longevity of your metal roof. Therefore, there are different plastic clips you can use to hang your lights on your roof. This is a safe measure to ensure that you cause no harm to your home in the name of creating a dazzling display. Overall, you may need to use these clips so that your house won’t eventually look like it has been invaded by woodpeckers during the holiday period.

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