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Although metal roofs are engineered to require little to no maintenance, some basic maintenance is necessary from time to time to ensure that the full lifetime of the roof is maximized. Below are some potential issues that can be caused if metal roofs are not properly maintained:

  1. Leaks and Water Damage
  2. Dents and Pooling
  3. Scratches
  4. Metal Degradation and Corrosion

Roof maintenance can be performed by both a homeowner and a roof maintenance service so, if you do choose to perform your own maintenance, here are some tips to properly maintain your metal roof.

How to Maintain Your Metal Roof:

Metal Roof Maintenance tips

  1. Wash off dirt, leaves, stains and other elements: The sleek material of metal roofs allows most elements that collect on top of roofs to be swept off with rainfall. However, when these materials do not come off naturally, it is necessary to clean it off with water to lower the risk of roof damage due to build up. When cleaning off roofs with water, it is important to clean from top to bottom to remove all materials.
  2. Clean out gutters and drains: While rainfall will wash off leaves and debris from the tops of metal roofs, these materials flow into gutters and drains which can then be clogged due to an excess of elements. This clogging can greatly increase the change of roof corrosion.
  3. Clear roof area of tree branches and remove branches: When branches and sticks fall onto metal roofs, they can create scratches, or even holes, which can greatly impact the effectiveness and the lifetime of metal roofs, so it is important to decrease this from even happening in the first place. You can do this by clearing the area above the roof of branches. Additionally, if there are any branches on the roof, they need to be removed so that they do move and cause further damage.
  4. Remove other metal elements: When metal elements come in contact, they often interact and can potentially cause damage to the metals involved. This can result in metal degradation, corrosion, or staining and possibly cause failure of the entire roofing system.
  5. Check the roof structure is secure: Overtime, elements of a roofing structure can become loose, compromising the integrity of the roof and introducing the opportunity for damage to occur. Some specific things to check for on a roof includes fasteners, screws, panel seams, flashing material and sealants. When these elements become loose, leaks and water damage can occur, so it is important to frequently check, tighten, and fix these areas.
  6. Check for scratches, chipping, punctures, or holes: No matter how much you may try to protect your roof, damage is inevitable. So, it is important to check your roof, as often as twice a year or after periods of harsh weather, to look for any signs of damage. Although it may seem unnecessary to provide immediate attention to every scratch, chip and small hole, it is important that this damage is maintained so that it does not become a bigger issue later on..


While it is not difficult to perform your own roof inspection and maintenance, opting to use a roof maintenance service instead takes out much of the guess work of knowing if certain maintenance is necessary and how to do it and also ensures that your roof is properly maintained to allow for it reach its longest life.

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