Metal Roof Cleaning

There is no doubt that having a metal roof on your house is a real benefit for you. They are strong, durable, and long-lasting. They are great at reflecting the sun’s rays away and ensuring that your house remains cool. They also come in various colors and finishes, and the sight of them glinting in the sun at sunrise or catching the final rays of the setting sun is beautiful indeed.

However, like anything exposed to the elements, your roof and wall panels may get dirty over time. There are several ways by which your roof can get dirty, and rotting leaves can fall on the roof and stain it with their residue. Dead animals or birds may fall on it and stain the roof’s panel with their desiccated remains,

In addition to the above, foreign materials like mould, mildew, and bacteria may form within the crevices of the panels. Also, metal roofs are highly susceptible to acids which may come in the form of rain, which may corrode the finish of the roof, leaving it messy and stained.

Whether you choose to clean your roof by yourself, or you want to call a metal roof contractor in Midsouth to do it for you, here are a few reasons why you must ensure that you clean your roof periodically

To keep your roof shiny and ensure that it lasts

If your metal roof is left unattended, it could dull the finish of the roof before long, forcing you to repaint it in order to retain its beautiful shiny appearance. The same goes for your wall panels.

It reduces the ability of the roof to reflect heat away

Stained metal wall panels reduce the energy efficiency of your roof. Dirty roofs with accumulated residue have reduced emissivity, (i.e. the ability of your roof to reflect away heat). The result is that your house will become hotter and it may cost you in air-conditioning bills, especially during the hotter summer months.

It reduces the roof’s structural integrity

Roofs that have mildew, bacteria or rotted desiccated remains of plants and animals accumulated on them may hide away leaky areas where the roof may have been compromised. The best thing to do is to clean out the roof periodically to run those integrity checks.

How regularly you have to clean your roof depends on the weather of the environment that you live in. The recommended optimal period for cleaning is annual; however, if you have a tree overhanging your roof or you live in an area with a lot of trees and birds, you might have to clean your roof a lot more frequently.

How Do You Clean Your Roof?

Brushing: A long brush will dislodge and clean away a lot of debris like animal and plant matter and leave your roof free of rot. It is also not likely to affect the finish of the roof.  Brushing, in particular, has proven to be very effective in keeping the room tidy.

Water: If your brush is not able to clean away some kind of stains like rotten animal entrails, or bird fecal matter, then you can wash the roof with water. A good wash with a clean brush and water will clean away most forms of dirt. Furthermore, water is a simple cleaning method that will not leave any residue on your roof or have any effect on your roof’s finish.

Water with Mild Detergent Solution: This kind of solution is much stronger than ordinary water and is better than water at wiping away certain kinds of debris and dirt.

However, if you are using detergent or bleach, ensure that you are using a mild kind of detergent and not industrial grade because industrial-grade bleach can damage your roofs finish, ensuring that you have to repaint it again.

Alcohol:  some kinds of debris and stains such as oil, adhesives and tree sap may not come from your metal panels as easily. In that case, you might need an alcohol solution to be able to clean the roof properly.

Tips to Note When Cleaning Your Roof and Metal Panels

When using alcohol solutions, ensure that you use safety equipment (since various kinds of alcohol-based cleaning products can be toxic). Also, ensure that you keep away from open fires since they can also be flammable.
Ensure that you do not use wire brushes or abrasive cleaning tools that can damage the finish of your roof and void any of the manufacturer’s warranties.
It will benefit you if you consult the manufacturers of the roof and the metal wall panels for advice over who should do what in terms of keeping the roof and its panel in good shape or if you are in the midsouth area, a metal roof contractor in Midsouth will do. Professionals usually know the best way to deal with any dirt or debris.

Apart from getting advice on how to clean your roofs, such as when to clean your roof or the best kind of cleaning agent or cleaning equipment to use for your roof panels, it will also help if you call an experienced metal roof contractor in Midsouth or the one in your city to do roof integrity checks periodically. So that it can last for a long time.

At Mighty metal roofing, we are roofing contractors with experience in installing, maintaining and repairing metal roofs. Contact us for a consultation for the best roof maintenance practices.

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