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December is here, so bring on the cheer! Christmas is the Season of Lights and we have great tips to hang your lights on your metal roof.

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Benefits of a Metal Roof

There are many benefits that metal roofs provide! Check out last month’s blog to see the advantages of metal roofs for the colder seasons. They range from environmental sustainability, year-round installations, and energy efficiency.

Another perk is the easy way to hang up Christmas lights! Shingle roofs are tricky because loose shingles or tiles can cause accidents and damage the roof. This can become problematic when decorating lights up. With metal roofs, it avoids this problem and can make hanging easier on you.

Here are our tips and tricks to hang up lights for the holiday season:

  • Safety First
  • Magnetic Clips or Magnetic Christmas Lights
  • Light Check

Safety First

According to an analysis done by the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC), it found from November 1 to January 31, there were about 5,800 fall injuries per season related to holiday decorating over three years.

When decorating on a ladder, it is highly advised that there is someone there to help you and hold the ladder while you hang the lights. This itself prevents anyone from getting injured or falling.

Have this same mindset when you remove the lights at the end of the holidays! Be safe, cautious, and mindful.

Magnetic Clips or Magnetic Christmas Lights

Magnetic clips or hooks are great for an easy set up for string lights and they are strong enough to withstand most weather conditions. They are strong, easy to set up, and when the holiday season is over, it is so simple to take back down. Just be cautious of not puncturing or put holes in your metal roof.

Another similar option to magnetic clips is magnetic Christmas lights. If you do not have a set of lights or want new ones, these are a great option to consider. What’s also great is, these are specifically made for metal roofs.

Unlike the magnetic clips or traditional lights, there is no need to set up clips or have nails and a hammer to hang your lights. These magnetic lights have strong magnetic strips and all you need to do it simply attach the lights to your metal roof.

Light Check

Before hanging your lights up, it is important to check your lights. See if any are damaged bulbs, missing parts, or frayed wires. Once you have inspected all the lights, keep the decorations away from overhanging powerlines and make sure your outdoor electrical sockets are safe and secure.

Light Up the Night with a New Metal Roof

If you are considering installing a metal roof for your home, now is a perfect time! Mighty Metal Roofing has great finance options to help fit your budget and we provide free roof inspections and roof estimates.

And remember, we have a $500 Gift Card waiting for you when you install a new metal roof! This offer lasts until December 31, 2019, so don’t wait until it is too late. Call us or email us for any of your roofing needs and questions!

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