Whether you are buying your new house or renting an apartment, your monthly utility bills top the list of your monthly budget. This is because your utility bills cover your home’s electricity, heating, and cooling, which are a large chunk of your monthly expenses. 

A typical household in the United States spends up to $167 per month on utility bills increasing by at least 20% during summer. Because summer comes with hot weather, you tend to use extra energy than you would at other periods of the year. 

While the amount you spend on utility a month depends on where you live and how big your home is, a large part of it is highly dependent on the steps you take to reduce your home’s energy consumption during summer and the rest of the year. 

Metal roofing is one of the most efficient ways to save energy cost. With metal roofing, you can reduce the number of dollars you shell out each month and save up to help 40% of your annual utility bills.  

This article will explain how getting our high-quality metal roofs installed on your home is your key to reducing your energy cost this summer. 

Let’s get started with answering an important question. 

How Does Installing Metal Roofs Reduce Energy Cost? 

How exactly does installing metal roofs help cut your energy cost during summer? Below are the ways metal roofs help conserve energy in your home:

External reflection

Metal roofs are the best roofing material type with the highest reflectivity, making them highly efficient at keeping your house cool during summer by bouncing solar rays back to their source.  

This means while the sun is scorching during summer, you won’t experience so much heat because metal roofs control the rate at which solar radiation penetrates your home. 

While you don’t have to paint your metal roofs to achieve reflectivity, painted roofs with light pigments tend to do better at reflecting sun rays. Painted metal roofs also offer emissivity, which is the roof’s ability to radiate away from the solar radiation that gets past your roofing material. 

Purchasing high-quality metal roofs with high reflectivity can be hard to find, however,  midsouth roofing contractors such Mighty Metal Roofing have a wide range of metal roofs in solar reflecting colors.  You can trust these roofs to do an excellent job at reflecting solar radiation in your home during the summer season and beyond. 

Reduces Heat Transfer  

Your house’s attic gets really hot during the summer months. Without adequate ventilation, the excessive heat will penetrate your house, thereby increasing your home’s temperature and making your air conditioner work at least two times harder. 

However, creating air spaces between the roof and the attic during installation allows air to flow in and circulate between your roof and the rest of your home, improving your home and making it more comfortable to stay in during the summer months. 

Mighty Metal Roofing is a midsouth roofing contractor who offers quality metal shakes, metal tiles, and metal shingles with sufficient airspace between the roof and roof deck, which helps reduce heat transfer in your home. 

Metal roofs are highly effective at reducing the transfer of heat in your home, however, the success of your metal roof installation is highly dependent on the installation process.  Because metal roof installation processes are often more complicated than other roof installation, it is advisable to use the help of professional roofers in Memphis like Mighty Metal Roofing to ensure your metal roofs are well installed to provide your home with the adequate ventilation it needs during summer. 

No Thermal Mass 

The thermal mass of a material is its ability to absorb and retain heat; however, metal roofs provide a high energy saving advantage due to their material type. They can’t accommodate heat because they have low thermal mass. This prevents them from storing heat or cold, which provides your home with just the right amount of temperature to stay warm during winter and cool during summer. 

Metal roofs reduce energy costs

This article discussed the top three ways installing metal roofs in your home could help save energy costs during summer. With these three ways, metal roofs help keep your home cool and comfortable naturally, so you don’t have to spend high on keeping your home chilly during the summer. 

Want to Save Money on Energy Costs with Metal Roofing?

If you wish to cut down on energy costs this summer, we are ready to help. Mighty Metal is a trusted Mid-South Roofing Contractor, we are licensed professional roofers in Memphis with many years of experience in roof installation. Reach out to us for expert advice on your metal roof installation process. Click here to get a free QUOTE. 

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