What is Sustainability?
Sustainability is one of the top priorities in today’s world and with an increasing number of sustainable roofing options, you can guarantee that your home will remain protected while using environmentally friendly materials.

What is Roof Sustainability?

Sustainability describes the ability of a material to be procured without depleting the resource or harming the environment.

The four principles used to classify a material as sustainable are that the material:

  1. Can be harvested or gathered without excessive cost to transport or damaging effects
  2. Is renewable
  3. Has a long usage life to avoid frequent replacement and unnecessary waste
  4. Can conserve and/or generate energy

What makes a roof sustainable?

Roofs can be considered sustainable for a number of reasons. First, the material that is used to make roofs can be one that is gathered easily and without harming the environment during its procurement. The material itself can also either be recycled after use, can be made of recycled materials or can be biodegradable.

Second, materials that last a long time are especially sustainable because they do not require repairs or replacements as often and therefore less material is used for maintenance over its lifetime and less material is wasted.

Lastly, many sustainable materials can generate energy through water and light and can also conserve energy within the home by more efficiently insulting the building. This not only lowers your cost to heat and cool your home, but also reduces the amount of energy that is used and the number of pollutants that are released into the environment.

 What are the top 3 sustainable roofing materials?

top 3 sustainable roofing materials

  1. Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are one of the most common and most sustainable roof offerings available. Metal roofs are not only inexpensive because they are easy to install, but also because the metal material used for these roofs is easy to procure. In addition, these roofs are durable and have a long lifetime, so metal roofs do not have to be replaced often, leading to less frequent replacements and less metal waste. The final reason why metal roofs are especially sustainable is that they reduce energy consumption by insulating the home in both winter and summer.

  1. Clay or Slate Tiles

Clay or slate tiles are a more expensive option than metal roofs but offer much more durability and last much longer. In addition, as compared to metal roofs, the procurement of the materials for these tiles is often not as sustainable and can be damaging to the environment, however, using reclaimed or recycled tiles is an extremely sustainable option.

  1. Recycled Materials 

With recycled materials, especially plastic, you can create a roof that has the appearance of many other common roofing materials, such as wood, metal and rubber, but much more sustainably. The recycled plastic creates a durable roof with fire resistant properties and can even be recycled again once it has reached the end of its useful life.

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