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Ask yourself – when was the last time you decided to clean your roof and why? Many of us don’t even think of cleaning our roofs unless we’re decorating or notice a leak. Winter is over, and it’s time you thoroughly get your residential roof thorough checked and cleaned. To get things going, here are three key things you should do to get your roof ready for the spring season.

Clear Off the Debris

If you haven’t cleaned your roof in a while, chances are it has a lot of debris with mold and mildew growing everywhere. If that’s the case, your roof can get damaged severely, but there are ways to get that problem solved. The first one is pretty straightforward – hire a Midsouth Roofing Specialist for free roof inspections and get it cleaned. Your other option is using a leaf blower which will partially get the job done.

Examine the Roof Shingles

Let’s face it – ice and snow can be hard on the shingles of your roofs. The shingles can curl due to the harsh weight and might even tear them off. It would be helpful if you contacted Memphis Mighty Shingle Roofing services to prevent any shingle damage. If you don’t take care of the problem on time, it could lead to mold and water damage.

Damaged Tree Branches

If you have a lovely green landscape around your property, you might have a few broken tree branches on the roof. It’s important you get those branches removed ASAP. If the branches are small enough, you can remove them on your own, but if not – we recommend getting them removed by a professional.

Summing It Up 

Residential roofs are often damaged after winters, and as a homeowner, you wouldn’t know what causes the damage unless it’s too late. Hire Midsouth Roofing Specialist and get the roof inspected for free. Remember, it’s better to get the roof repaired than to get the whole thing replaced.

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