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During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis, the health and safety of our customers and employees is our top priority at Mighty Metal Roofing. As an essential emergency service, we are maintaining full compliance with all CDC recommendations so that we can continue to safely serve our customers. In accordance with these recommendations, we are encouraging our employees who do feel sick to remain at home, performing routine environmental cleaning and promoting handwashing and other health protocols.

  1. At Mighty Metal Roofing, we recognize that even during this time, people cannot, and should not, delay roof repairs. Some of the reasons why you should not delay repairing damage to your roof include:
  2.  Further Roof Damage: While it may seem that waiting to repair your roof isn’t doing any harm, it can actually make the damage much worse because of greater exposure to the weather and other elements.
  3. House Damage: Waiting to repair your roof doesn’t only allow for further roof damage but can cause damage to your home and jeopardize the structural integrity of the building. This damage can also allow water and humidity into your home, which can promote mold growth and decrease air quality.
  4. Financial Savings: Once roof damage is identified, repairing it immediately doesn’t only reduce the risk of further damage, but can greatly reduce the cost to repair this additional damage, or worse, to entirely replace your roof.
  5. Increased Property Value: Whether you are trying to sell your home or simply maintain its value, roof maintenance is important. Roofs that need repairs or are not well-cared for can greatly reduce a home’s value and can make it more difficult to sell.
  6.  Curb Appeal: Well-maintained roofs greatly improve the overall appearance of the building.

roofing contractors during COVID-19

We are continuing to provide our essential service and are doing so with caution. In order to keep our customers safe, we are performing zero to low contact roof inspections. Additionally, our roof specialists practice physical social distancing to minimize interactions between our customers as well as other specialists. As a customer, you can remain within your home while our specialists repair your roof from the outside to ensure everybody’s health and safety.

Why Mighty Metal Roofing is the Company for You!

Metal roofs are a lifetime investment and that can last up to 40+ years or more with minimal maintenance. However, hiring a professional, trusted roofing company is a must if you want your roof to be repaired properly.

That’s why Memphis’ Mighty Metal Roofing is the one to choose. Our company is a locally-owned roofing company with over 25 years of metal roofing experience and a trusted Mid-South Roofing Contractor. We have a A+ rating with the Mid-South BBB. We are the Mid-South’s metal roofing experts. We provide free roof estimates and roof inspections along with a selection of finance options that best fit your budget.

Why wait to get metal roof repairs?

Don’t delay necessary roof repairs! Contact Mighty Metal Roofing to schedule your roof inspection today!

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You Can Still Get Your Roof Done Amid the COVID-19

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